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Privacy Policy

What personal information does Zoner collect? And for whom?

Every time you order one of our programs, download a trial version, sign up for a Zoner discussion forum, or register our programs, you are asked to provide some personal details. We store these in a database and under no circumstances do we offer them to third parties, including our business partners.


Where Are My Personal Details Stored? How Can I Have my Data Removed?

All data is stored in one or two databases:

  • the database of people who use, or are interested in, Zoner software/services
  • the database of ZONER software, s.r.o.’s clients in the internal accounting system

  • Every user may request the immediate deletion of their record from the first-mentioned database, by sending a request to Deletion from this database unfortunately also means they will not receive information on new features and on updates to any programs or services that they might use.

    How Is This Personal Data Secured?

    All forms that collect personal data are secured using the SSL transfer protocol. You can verify this fact by looking for the lock icon in your browser’s status bar. ZONER software uses an SSL certificate from Thawte, Inc. The ZONER software staff that comes into contact with users’ personal data is trained to prevent leaks of such data.

    User Assent to This Policy

    By using this website, the user gives agreement with the policy of ZONER software, s.r.o., regarding work with personal data. This policy can be changed, via the publication of a new version of it upon this page.

    Limited Warranty

    This web is operated on an “as-is” basis. Any warranties of quality, completeness of information, precision, availability, suitability, or salability are rejected. ZONER software, s.r.o. is not responsible for any direct or indirect harm or other consequences.


    The texts, images, and graphic design of this website are the intellectual property of ZONER software, s.r.o. No part of the website, with the exception of press releases, logos, and graphics provided for these purposes on special pages, may be copied in any form without prior permission requested from ZONER software, s.r.o.


    ZONER, Callisto, Context, and Interval are registered trademarks of ZONER software, s.r.o., in the Czech Republic; some names are also registered in other places. Other names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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